Guide to How to Play on PokerGalaxy

Guide to How to Play on PokerGalaxy

Galaxypoker is an online poker site where you can play using real money, namely PokerGalaxy. For the convenience of our users, we always renew the system both hardware and software to guarantee and ensure your comfort. Many of the features and facilities we provide are one of them SPECIAL REFERRAL systems. Register yourself to join in an easy and fun game in the Galaxy.

The username is your identification to start playing poker, for members who do not have a PokerGalaxy username can register from the REGISTER menu and fill in all the requested data and the desired username. Fill in all data requested correctly and clearly. PokerGalaxy guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data which is fully stored on our server with a high security system.

After the member completes the process of registering, the member can directly log in by using the username and password that was previously registered.

To be able to play poker, members need to make a deposit in advance and Menu to do DEPOSIT on your account. After you transfer funds, click the DEPOSIT menu to confirm your coin or chips. Fill in all the information requested and then click SEND. If your DEPOSIT confirmation is valid, your coins or chips will increase automatically. Note: If the relevant bank is offline, the process will take longer.

Winning playing poker online is certainly very fun, and to be able to feel the results of your winnings, you have to make coin withdrawals / exchanges and a Menu to exchange your coins or chips to cash that will be transferred by us to your account that is registered to PokerGalaxy for ever. 1 x 24 hours after the withdrawal process is carried out. Note: If the relevant bank is offline, the WITHDRAW process can take longer.

Menu for changing login passwords and for changing avatars or photos as your identity.

If you experience difficulties, please contact us via MEMO or LIVE CHAT.

Place members start the game after loading. Select the room according to the desired bet and play with other members on PokerGalaxy

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