How to play Whist with 2 people in poker sports?

How to play Whist with 2 people in poker sports?

Here are the rules for playing two players Whist.

This is a two-person version of Whist in Scandinavia, which is also recognized as Whist in Norway. We have to say that it is quite different from the most famous two-player game in Germany, Whist. What makes this point unique is that each player uses 2 cards for each trick.


A standard 52 card pack is required. The cards are classified as low on the high score of A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.


Turn around alternately. The dealer shuffles and the person who is not the dealer cuts. Twenty-six cards are given to each player, one at a time and alternately with the dealer’s opponent. Initially, each player reverses eight cards on a 4×2 rectangle table, eight cards face up, and then reverses a card of ten cards. This means that there are only 10 cards each player can see. There are 16 face-up cards that can be seen by both players with 16 cards that players can not see.


First, non-dealer bids will bid higher or lower. If it is high, it is called high game, and there is nothing to dealer. However, if low, the dealers must bid “high” or low. If the dealer is defined as the best, it is a high game. Both are low games to say low. In high-level games, the goal is to get a trick, while in low games you avoid the opposite-winning trick.


When the game is low, non-dealer leads to the first trick. In the case of a high match, the first lead will have a player who has not applied a high bid. So the only thing the dealer leads first is when the non-seller raises the bid. Each trick has 4 cards, 2 cards for each player. You can play either your hand or one of your cards face up in your turn. Immediately after playing a card in the layout, if this card finds a card facing down, the card faces up before the other player uses the card. You can lead all cards.

The remaining 3 cards must follow suit. Therefore, if the leader’s opponent has a card on the table or a card on the table, he must use the card. The leader must then play the second card and follow the card if possible. Finally, the opponent uses the second card. The four card tricks win the highest card of the suit. The player who gets the trick leads to the next trick.

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